An Ode to Chef Steve

We have polled (ourselves) and we have determined that New Music on the Point is bar none the best away-from-home eating experience we’ve ever had. Amazing, freshly-prepared meals by Chef Steve and his team of magicians abound, and we are SO happy. Here are some of the highlights, (and you’ll DEFINITELY want to scroll to the bottom).

Of course, we couldn’t come to Vermont without real maple syrup and pancakes.

Another memorable adventure? Salmon with orange marmalade and toasted black and white sesame seeds. Soooo good.

The next morning was Sunday brunch, a made-to-order extravaganza of omelettes and the most amazing vegetarian eggs benedict.

Another offering that morning was cream cheese and strawberry stuffed french toast.

So, some of us ate second breakfasts. You can tell the food is good if Herine is hunched over her plate in full-on shovel mode.

Love dessert? Jenny normally doesn’t eat them, but she does here. Check out this apple strudel. Oh. my.









Speaking of Jenny, the meat-i-tarians among us were super happy with these beef skewers, with sunflower butter noodles.









And also, delicious burgers, with a side of black beans…

With a dessert of grilled pineapple and strawberries.

And, the piece de la resistance – Chef Steve is also a hunter, and made us a pasta dinner with three options including veggies, pesto, and …. bear and venison sausage.

Apparently he killed them both himself with a bow. Winnie and Bambi were both on the menu, and they were delicious.

Finally, it was Steve’s birthday last night, so Jen and Jillian performed a special Strauss song just for him. It may or may not have sent at least 2 of us at 5HE into the ugly cry – so beautiful. Hooray!






Fifth House Ensemble

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