Chamber Music in Band at Tremper High School (2009-2010)

The Question

How do performers use other art forms to create connective programming? How do musicians prepare to give their best performance? What ways can young musicians connect with audiences of all ages?

The Process

With members of Fifth House Ensemble, students in the advanced band at Tremper High School explored topics related to engaging all audiences with successful performances. Ideas such as connecting to audiences with creative research, integrating other arts, and performance anxiety were addressed through lectures and group activities.

The Final Project

Students were also responsible for creating two unique performances- one for their peers and family members, and one for a group of elementary students. With programs including Jacob’s Old Wine in New Bottles, Mozart’s Gran Partita, and an Ewald Brass Quintet, students were challenged by their Fifth House coaches to have a performance of the highest quality and encouraged to bring in other creative aspects to their playing. Feedback from professional chamber musicians in a safe but charged learning setting helped prepare students for two concerts as well as state solo and ensemble competitions.