Degenerate Art: Hidden Messages at Bottle and Bottega




6:00pm (Central)


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From the gallery to the street, artists use signs, symbols, and codes to convey hidden messages to those who know where to look. Masked from view by what the eye can see on first glance, artists can embed inside jokes, secret signatures, or messages of resistance that spark a movement.

Fifth House Ensemble and Chicago street artist, Keath Sodapop present a Bottle and Bottega party takeover to explore how to communicate hidden meaning through original art we will create together.

With a drink in hand, we invite you to release your creativity through this open canvas night with the help of a professional artist. Translating images to sound, Fifth House Ensemble musicians will perform your newly created paintings live.

This party takeover is being presented as part of Fifth House Ensemble’s Degenerate Art project, premiering in April. For more information, please visit:

This event is BYOB!