Jinsie Bingham

Jinsie Bingham and her family are life long residents of Greencastle.  Some of what she told us includes what it was like for a woman to grow up in Putnam County, her connections to DePauw University, and how to be an innovator.

Key Topics: personal biographical information, family history in Greencastle, changes for DePauw, family history with DePauw, connection between DePauw and Putnam County

Key Topics: fire in Greencastle

Key Topics: growing up female in Putnam County, women at DePauw, purchasing and running a radio station, Indiana Broadcasters’ Association

Key Topics: Greencastle Rotary Club, changing social  norms, how to be an innovator

Key Topics: how to be an innovator

Key Topics: Eli Lilly, Percy Julian

Music Preferences: all kinds of music, mostly classical, Russian classical, Scheherazade and Capriccio Espagnol