Kathryn Dory, Greencastle Middle School

Kathryn Dory is a music teacher at the Greencastle Middle School.  Some of what she shared with us includes history of her former students, the effect IBM’s departure from Greencastle had on the county, her appreciation for the community, and the connection between the DePauw University School of Music and the Greencastle Middle School.

Key Topics: personal biographical information, band and choir teacher at Greencastle Middle School, students who grow up and now have children in her classes, past students, encouraging shy students, opportunities through DePauw, county high school performance, connections between school music directors

Key Topics: working together in Putnam County, community, safety, DePauw University School of Music connection to Greencastle Middle School, born in Ohio but Putnam County is home, John Dillinger robbery, small town familiarity

Key Topics: IBM leaving Putnam County, economic shifts affecting the schools, would like a community center, how she came to Greencastle