Kelsey Kaufman

Kelsey Kaufman is an educator and community activist in the Putnam County area, and she’s lived in Putnam County for over 25 years.  Some of what she shared with us includes information on her background, many of the programs for under-served members of the community that she’s started, and her service to the community.

Key Topics: personal biographical information, college program at Indiana Women’s Prison, family, community programs for kids, Putnam County Youth Radio, Putnam County Youth TV, department of corrections case

Please note: there were some technical difficulties in the recording of the audio for this video, so it is best heard using headphones. 

Key Topics: moving to Greencastle, summer enrichment program, feeding hungry kids, seeing problems that need solving, responsibility for problem solving, was a prison correctional officer

Key Topics: Putnam County Youth Radio, Greencastle version of Square One TV, taking DePauw students to legislature

Key Topics: how she found participants for her programs

Key Topics: changes in children and community in her programs over the years, starters vs. managers

Key Topics: prison statistics, prison community

Key Topics: Putnamville Prison, music program in the prison

Key Topics: music in prisons, what would people be surprised to know about these communities and students, drug free zones vs free drug zones, teaching in prisons, hopes, not sitting still while listening to music

Music Preferences: classical, pre-1900