Lowell Elementary Figure It Out! Feb 3, 2015

This Week’s FIGURE IT OUT!


INDIVIDUAL WORK: Do this part tonight! Write a short letter to your current self from your future self at age 30. This letter should contain the following:


  • Your future self talks about a problem you currently have. What is the problem?


  • Your future self gives you some advice. What is the advice?


  • This letter does NOT need to have a story.


  • Each student will hand in their own completed letter to the Fifth House musicians next week.



GROUP WORK:  After you have completed the first assignment, SHARE your individual letters with the other members of your group during class time. Then answer the following questions:


  • Do your stories share any common ideas, either the same problems, or the same advice? If so, write down what they are. Use these to guide the letter you write as a group.



  • Based on the music your group has selected, invent your fictional classmate who will be the main character in your group’s letter.


Character’s name:_______________________________________________________

Three interesting things about character:





  • Your fictional character has a problem. What is it?



  • Your fictional character’s future self has some advice. What is it?



  • As a group, write the opening paragraph of the letter that sets up the story that your character is going to tell. (Remember our example: “Dear Miranda, Believe it or not, I am your future self….”). You DO NOT need to write the actual story yet!