NMoP – Salon Night #2

We’re cranking away, folks! Here are videos from the second salon night at New Music on the Point. Fair warning: I think the mosquitoes sabotaged our video camera, so the lens got stuck a few times during this performance. Please forgive the blurs – but we wanted to make sure these got posted so performers could share their work!

Jason Charney, composer and Apple products

Patrick Fulton, clarinet and Adam Marks, piano

Drew Williams, violin – Natalie Spehar, cello – Adam Marks, piano

Hannah Porter, flute and Yen-Lin Goh, piano

The Log Cabin Boys (Elliot Cless, Kenji Kuriyama, Derek Jenkins, Jordan Kuspa)

Tristan Rais Sherman, cello

Sammy Whalen, clarinet – Drew Williams, violin – Daniel Brottman, piano

Patrick Fulton, clarinet and Natalie Spehar, cello

Hannah Porter, flute

Sara Noble, soprano – Patrick Fulton, clarinet – Danielle Williams, piano
Fifth House Ensemble

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