NMoP – Salon Night #3

Courtesy of the “post to Youtube” function on iMovie, the 3rd salon night from New Music on the Point can be viewed in video form below. Luckily, I followed the advice on the Sony support forums and “bashed the camera about a bit,” and the lens became unstuck. Actually, that’s a lie – it happened by itself. I just like the fact that this was the advice I was given. Enjoy!

Kate Henry, flute – Stephanie Beattie, soprano – Daniel Brottman, piano

Xela Pinkerton, soprano and Patrick Fulton, clarinet

Katherine Haig, cello

Kate Henry, flute – Tristan Rais Sherman, cello – Adam Marks, piano

Daniel Brottman, horn

Sara Noble and Yoonjoo Yang, sopranos and Jillian Zack, piano

Kate Henry, flute – Sammy Whalen, clarinet – Stephanie Beattie, soprano

Patrick Fulton, clarinet – Katherine Haig, cello – Adam Marks, piano

Hannah Porter, flute and Tristan Rais Sherman, cello

Tara Khozein, soprano and Jillian Zack, piano
Fifth House Ensemble

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