On The Heels of Valentine’s Day, Preparation for #wink

As many of you know, we’re coming up on #wink, part three of our In Transit series.  I asked Eric, our double bass player and master of photography and imagery, to write a blog post reflecting on the preparation process for In Transit: #wink.  Over the last week, we’ve had three tech rehearsals in which we (finally) have the chance to play our program in order and put the visual aspects of the show together with the music.  In this post, Eric reflects on what it’s like to play while an audience experiences the whole show for the first time.  You have multiple chances to experience In Transit: #wink next week.  See the schedule page of our website for details!


Right on the heels of one of our most romantic holidays, Fifth House Ensemble is presenting the next concert in our In Transit series – #wink. Our skilled writer Rebekah Skallet and creative director Robert Quinlan have designed a hilarious and wonderfully romantic tale of a young woman and her search for love through the weirdly wild web.

We have been working very hard putting together and exciting program that includes works by Martin Butler, Erwin Schulhoff, Alex Shapiro, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and George Crumb. The past few rehearsals have been full of fun and a lot of laughs. Even after all of the shows that we have put on, it still surprises me when half way through a seemingly serious part of a piece, we hear a burst of laughter from the ‘peanut gallery.’ It is a great thing to be able to bring emotion out in an audience, but it is truly special when you can pull a hearty laugh.

So, for all of the guys that forgot to get their ‘someone special’ something for Valentine’s Day, why not bring them to a  concert full of wonderful music and at the same time get to see a great show. It will even win you major bonus points when they find out you took them to see a romantic comedy 😉

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