Preparing for Caught: The Woods

Well, folks, it’s the week of the show here at camp 5HE.  And when I say “the show,” I mean, on Friday we open our 2012-2013 signature series, Caught.  We are all excited beyond belief, can’t wait to put it in front of an audience, and (let’s be honest) are looking forward to getting more sleep after the final performance!

While the musicians, as well as our collaborators Emmy, Joe, and Joel Hall Dancers, have been rehearsing, I’ve been doing my own prep.  I thought I’d show you a little bit of 5HE and my process through pictures and videos.

If you’re interested in catching Caught: The Woods, and how could you not be after all these awesome visuals courtesy of my phone, click here for a schedule of performances.  See you on Friday!


First, we received a script from our awesome playwright, Stan.  Now, I can’t show you a picture of the script, because we want the story to be a surprise, sorry!  But from that script, I created our visuals for the show.  Here’s a sneak peek a a slide from Caught: The Woods (still nothing too exciting, though, to keep things mysterious):

Next, I received notes from Emmy & Joe about the timing of the visuals.  For me, that means listening to the music, finding measure numbers that match with their time stamps, and translating that into cues in a binder.

Then, we all get together in the rehearsal room for the first time!  Musicians, puppeteer, director, stage manager (me!), choreographer, executive director, and managing director.  And snacks.  There’s always snacks.  And we put the show on its feet.  For the first time, we run the pieces in show order, with Emmy doing her wonderful movement & puppetry, me running slides, Paula from JHD running through the dance her dancers will do (they’re all in school and have to miss the fun), and Joe, Melissa, and Whitnie taking notes.  Here are some pictures and videos from our first run through.

We took a few days off from rehearsing as a group to process some notes, make some changes, and yesterday we came together again for our second run through!

And we have one more run through on Wednesday!  Unfortunately, the only costumes we’ll be wearing at our Halloween rehearsal are are concert clothes.  You know, to make sure they all look good together :).

Oh, and last but not least.  The most love I’ve ever gotten on Facebook came from posting this Instagram-ed version yesterday:


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