Fresh Inc All Stars

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Fresh Inc All Stars showcases new works by Fresh Inc Festival alumni who are talented up-and-coming composers from around the nation. Fresh Inc is 5HE’s innovative summer festival where creation and collaboration take center stage, and where participants work closely with members of Fifth House Ensemble on building careers in music in line with their own unique vision and values. The program features works by Fresh Inc Festival alumni from all seasons and includes a variety of sound worlds, unique to each composer.


Justin Rito – reaching | failing
Patrick O’Malley – Changes
William Pearson – Mark J. Ralph
Alex Temple – Party at the Last Resort
Evan Williams – Grime
Anna Meadors – The Space Behind the Breath
Zach Green – Sue
Aaron Levin – Springbokkie
John Dorhauer – Groove Haiku
Ayanna Woods – BLK GIRL ART

About Fresh Inc Festival

Fresh Inc is a one-of-a-kind chamber music festival that redefines the training process for emerging musicians.

Since 2012, Fifth House has helped performers and composers to envision and launch their own authentic careers in music, rooted in adventurous genre-defying collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking, and meaningful partnerships with audiences and community.

During this 2-week intensive, students:

  • Participate in a comprehensive curriculum of workshops that foster experimental thinking and provide them with the entrepreneurial skills to sustain a fulfilling life in the arts
  • Premiere 16 new works of chamber music developed during the festival alongside established repertoire
  • Design and present 11 performance experiences for audiences of all types throughout Chicago  and Milwaukee side-by-side with Fifth House Ensemble
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship and instruction with instrumental and composition faculty
  • Become a part of fresh inc’s creative community, sustaining relationships with an active and evolving network of cultural change makers whose work continuously reinvents the role of the musician to bring about a connected world

Fresh Inc is led by Fifth House Ensemble, whose insatiable curiosity and collaborative spirit have guided 11 years of transformative cross-media and cross-genre performance experiences, heartfelt community-based work, arts-integrated educational programs, and emerging artist training. The festival’s  internationally recognized composition faculty includes Dan Visconti and Stacy Garrop, whose careers and landmark projects are defined by adventurous partnerships with artists, audiences, and communities alike.

Fresh Inc is supported by grants from the Kenosha Community Foundation, and the Racine Community Foundation.