University Residency: Community Engagement at
DePauw University (2013-14)

The Question

How can music be used to solved community-based issues? In what ways can we design programs that will best suit our communities and develop new audiences? What can university students do off-campus to affect their larger communities?

The Objectives

Students will be equipped and empowered to create community-engagement projects at the highest artistic level.

Students will participate in a high-quality, collaborative concert involving members of the Fifth House Ensemble, musicians from the Putnam County community, student photographers and set builders, and compositions that blend bluegrass/folk with the classical genre.

Community members in Putnam County will share their stories about living a lifestyle in a rural community, and these stories will be heard by people, including the DePauw community, at the upcoming concert.

The Process

Over the course of 4 2-4 day visits, students and faculty participated in a series of workshops and analyzed the processes of community engagement and program design. Selected chamber music groups took the information from visit one workshops and designed & prepared their own educational concert as a result. Students in the Greek Community also began planning for their own project  in the Putnam County community and received consultation and planning assistance from members of Fifth House Ensemble.

Interviews were conducted with Putnam County community stakeholders including farmers, local authorities, professors, and arts coordinators.  Community members shared stories about how long they have lived in the area, what it means to be a member of Putnam County, and what the place means to them.

The Final Project

Join us for Harvest, the final celebration of the heroes, places, and stories of Putnam County featuring words, images, and live performances by local artists and musicians, Fifth House Ensemble, and the Depauw University School of Music.


Sunday, May 11 2014


Kresge Auditorium