Music and Storytelling at
Stowe Elementary (2014)

The Question

What about music makes you feel a certain mood or feeling? How do terms like climax, rising action and plot in a story relate to music? How can students predict what happens next in a song? How will students be encouraged to apply what they have learned from this residency to their future?

The Objectives

Students will respond to great music and understand what it is about the music that made them respond that way

Students will communicate ideas clearly through written and spoken word

Students will think more analytically about characters in stories and express that through sound

The Process

Over 5 cumulative visits to Stowe Elementary School, Fifth House Ensemble explored music as a means of storytelling with 5th and 8th graders.  During the first visit, Fifth House Ensemble strived to teach about music to learn how to understand and feel it.  The members played excerpts and asked students to actively listen and reflect how it makes you feel.  Using that connection between listening and reflecting students were asked to write out the end to a story that was accompanied with music.

The Final Project

The final performance at Stowe Elementary featured students sharing their story that was accompanied by an excerpt they personally selected.  Not only did students have to muster the courage to publicly perform their project, they had to also articulate why they did what they did.