Music Can Tell a Story at
Oscar DePriest Elementary School (2013)

The Question

How do we recognize opposites in music? How can we predict what happens next in music? How can we use instruments and movements to help connect to a character’s story?

The Objectives

Students will identify musical opposites in songs i.e. (high vs. low, long vs. short, fast vs. slow)

Students will participate in making music

Students will recognize patterns and predict what happens next in a story

Students will demonstrate their musical growth in an energetic final performance

The Process

During four classes at Oscar DePriest Elementary School, this lively group of preschoolers got a taste of music taught by members of the Fifth House Ensemble.  The students learned to identify and distinguish between the instruments and played with their own percussion instruments.  They learned to improvise rhythms, recognize sequences, and learn two songs with choreographed motions.


Students ended each class with this interactive song and were encouraged to have fun with improvising.

As a member of 5HE read a story, the preschoolers at DePriest interacted by adding choreography to represent different characters and themes of the story.



This residency was supported by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.