Residency: Civic Engagement Bootcamp at
Civic Orchestra of Chicago (2013)

The Question

What personal or musical goals do you hope to achieve by performing concerts? What are some key components of effective delivery? What are the most important things you want people to gain out of the repertoire you have for your ensemble? Where do you start if you want to create your own engaging concerts for students of any age?

The Objectives

Civic Orchestra musicians will be prepared to craft their own 45-minute assembly program to perform for students at an elementary school following the display of an effective concert & rehearsal coachings by Fifth House Ensemble.

Civic Orchestra musicians will present concert concepts and ideas to their peers and receive feedback from Fifth House Ensemble.

Civic Orchestra musicians will be challenged to consider their potential audience members and ways to engage them in performances.

The Process

During this bootcamp, students participated in activities that taught them what it means to engage audience members of all ages and create outlines for an in-school assembly program.  They chose at least two specific musical objectives to meet such as tempo, dynamics, pitch, and instrumentation. These ideas and recommendations served as the foundation for a concert that would then be played in elementary schools across the Chicago area as a part of the Musicorps and Citizen Musician programs.