University Residency: Educational Outreach at
Arizona State University (2012-13)

The Question

What is your artistic voice? How do you use your own artistic goals to connect with audiences of any age? When speaking publicly, what you do you say, and how do you say it to connect to multiple types of audiences?

The Objectives

Students will work with Fifth House Ensemble to develop skills in public speaking, audience outreach, and classroom programming.

Students will¬†prepare to perform the script and repertoire of Music Can Tell a Story, one of the Fifth House Ensemble’s original educational concerts.¬†Mixed groups of Fifth House Ensemble players and Arizona State University students will go into elementary schools and perform this program.

The Process

In preparation for the performance at elementary schools, Fifth House Ensemble members and selected students rehearsed, experienced a sound check, and learned how to address younger audiences. Students participated in workshops that included many activities to practice their public speaking and educational skills.