Waiting in Line — Weekly Inspiration from Carole

On Sunday, I had a rare evening free, so my boyfriend Brandon and I decided to make a date night of it.  After much debating, we settled on dinner and a movie.  We have a really hard time agreeing on movies most of the time, but we picked Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  It was seriously amazing.  I loved it.

In our discussion of what movie to see, we kept coming back to The Hunger Games.  I read the books last winter for my book club and loved them, but Brandon hasn’t read them yet.  We decided against The Hunger Games, not only because he hadn’t read the books, but als because I really can’t stand to stand in line for a movie.  I can wait 2 weeks (I mean, I’ve already waited this long) and see it when no one is there because everyone else already stood in long lines and stayed up late to see it.  I don’t like crazy crowds and mob-mentality.

And now I will bring this post to a relevant point.  While wandering around the movie theatre in Evanston on Sunday, I saw the kids all sitting on the floor/standing in line to see The Hunger Games, and that’s when I made my mental pronouncement that CAROLE DOES NOT STAND IN LINE FOR MOVIES.  At the top of my list of reasons are: this movie will be out for a long time, and I can see it whenever I want without the hassle of standing in line, and eventually, I will be able to rent this movie for $1.20 a night at Red Box and watch it in the comfort of my own home.

Ok, NOW we get to the point.  I also thought of things that I firmly believe are WELL WORTH standing in line for, and they basically all fall into one category: ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCES (OIALTE).  At the top of the list of OIALTE is live performances.  Live performances of any kind, plays, musicals, concerts, narrative chamber music performances, are only around for a little while.  Some of them literally only get performed once, while others have a lifespan of a couple of weeks, and then they go away.  Sometimes forever.  And that fact, that I probably will  never have the chance to see or experience it again, is the reason why I will stand in line for OIALTE.  And guess what!  Fifth House Ensemble performances fall into that category.  So, if I weren’t blessed with the ability to be at our concerts early and stay late, I would be the first in line to witness the wonderful, OIALTE beauty of a 5HE show.  I hope you all agree with me!

Lastly, your next change to catch a 5HE In Transit OIALTE concert can be found here!

ps-go see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  Also, they do some fun screen-flowy, 5HE-visual type stuff in it, which made me love it even more!

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