WFMT Residency Application: Work Samples

The studio and live recordings below highlight the work that 5HE would be featuring during the WFMT residency, including collaborations with living composers, folk musicians, and game developers.


Low Country Haze – Dan Visconti

Recorded live on March 31, 2016 at Ball State University, this version of Low Country Haze was created for 5HE by composer Dan Visconti, who also serves on the composition faculty at the Fresh Inc Festival.


Noches Noches – Traditional

This track from 5HE’s recent release on Cedille Records with Israeli folk band Baladino features a traditional Ladino folk song that calls to mind memories of magical nights, perfect for falling in love.


Carolina Moon – Hugh Broughton, arr. Henhouse Prowlers

This track was recorded live at the Old Town School of Folk Music on May 1, 2016, as part of Fifth House Ensemble and Henhouse Prowlers’ collaboration titled Voices from the Dust Bowl. A show that brings together music by living composers (Dana Wilson, Marc Mellits, John Harbison) and protest songs by Woodie Guthrie and others, Voices from the Dust Bowl engaged worker rights organizations throughout the city to share stories and spark advocacy. In this track, the tail end of Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union flows seamlessly into this Henhouse favorite.


Journey LIVE (excerpt) – Austin Wintory, arr. Patrick O’Malley

Recorded live at Steppenwolf Theatre in February 2016, this excerpt captures one of the most iconic moments in Journey, the most downloaded game on the Playstation Network. In this groundbreaking collaboration, Austin Wintory’s Grammy-nominated score was arranged for Fifth House Ensemble by Fresh Inc Festival alum Patrick O’Malley to be responsive to the actions of a live game player.