Constance Ferry, Hobbit Gardens

Constance Ferry moved to Putnam County in 1987, and she runs Hobbit Gardens, an organic herb garden north east of Greencastle.  Some of the things Constance shared with us are her connection with the land and organic growing, her relationship with Greencastle, DePauw, Putnam County, and her neighbors, and information about organic growing.

Key Topics: personal biographic information, gardening, about Hobbit Gardens, love of books, organic vegetable growing and farming, relationships with local farmers, challenges in Indiana, DePauw, Greencastle

Key Topics: relationship with DePauw and Greencastle, DePauw’s relationship with Putnam County, Starbucks, bookstore, local businesses

Key Topics: farmers’ market, Horizons classes, library workshops, garden club, 4H herbs judge, Gathering Grounds restaurant, place in the community, relationship with DePauw

 Key Topics: support from DePauw and community

Key Topics: organic grower, teaching, connection to the land, reputation of organic farming, connection to the land

Music Preferences: classical music, James Taylor, Carol King, Native American music, daughter’s music, son’s recommendations of music, music for voice

Key Topics: what would surprise people about Putnam County, help from neighbors and community

Key Topics: personal history of growing, logistics of growing and organic growing,  growing processes, uses of herbs