Harvest Interviews

This page is a collection of the stories and interviews that members of Fifth House Ensemble have collected on their visits to DePauw University.  These stories and interviews are being gathered to help create the Harvest concert, which premieres on Sunday, May 11, 2014, and aims to bring members of the DePauw University, Greencastle, and Putnam County communities together to celebrate life in Putnam County, Indiana.


Story Gathering:

The Most Beautiful Places in Putnam County (written responses)

Beautiful Places in Putnam County (video responses)

History of Putnam County & Favorite Putnam County Stories (video responses)

Culture & Community of Putnam County (video responses)


In-Depth Interviews:

Ron Sutherlin, Cedar View Farm

Kelsey Kaufman

Constance Ferry, Hobbit Gardens

Kathryn Dory, Greencastle Middle School

Greecastle Middle School Students

Jinsie Bingham

Jerry Williams

Jerry Bates




Additional videos from our visits

B-Roll videos

Blog posts


*If you’re a Harvest concert collaborator and would like high resolution files of any images for your work, please contact Carole at carole@fifth-house.com.