Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams moved to Greencastle in 1965 through his position with 4H of Indiana, and he currently works in insurance.  Some of the information Jerry shared with us includes information about 4H and the county fair, history and stories of Greencastle and Putnam County, and his thoughts on the community.

 Key Topics: personal biographical information, 4H, entrepreneurship

 Key Topics: reason for moving to Putnam County, community members coming together to help

Key Topics: 4H, 4H county fair, DePauw working with the county fair, agricultural community, factories and manufacturing

Key Topics: Putnam County Foundation, communication, DePauw, Lone Star Industries, IBM

Key Topics: what do you want people to know about Putnam County, connecting with new community members, 4H, places of gathering, encourages DePauw University School of Music students to reach out to community

Key Topics: music, Putnam County Foundation, leadership

Key Topics: businesses, setting aside differences

Key Topics: Pearl O’Brien, O’Hare house

Key Topics: tunnels, Fern Cliff, Coca Cola plant, Bob Flanagan, Barney Kilbourn

Key Topics: Bob Flanagan, Barney Kilbourn, goat man, Brad Stevens, theater

Key Topics: Jerry Cox, John Fitzpatrick

Music Preferences: calming music, Roger Williams, Henry Mancini, Nat King Cole

Key Topics: talented community members, cemetery, chewing gum lady

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