Preparation for In Transit: #undercoverhero — From Herine

When I scheduled rehearsals for “In Transit: #undercoverhero,” I assigned a blog post to two of the ensemble members in the concert.  I told them they were free to write about whatever they wanted about the rehearsal & preparation for the upcoming series.  This blog post was written by Fifth House Ensemble’s cellist, Herine.  I had no idea what Herine would write, but I’m super excited about what she’s written!  And it’s fitting that it’s posted the day after our first full run through with tech!


Have you met our new pals Tim, Harry and Quinn? This is the first time in one of our series that we as musicians have the opportunity to interact with our characters before we start tech rehearsals — a wondrous feat brought to you by social media! With opening night less than a week away, we are starting to wrap our nitty-gritty, individual piece rehearsals and are transitioning into tech rehearsals of the show. The tech rehearsals allow us to see how the show truly unfolds, with all of the visual and aural elements combined, at which point, “In Transit” becomes a reality for all of us!

I remember, both with “Black Violet” and “The Weaver’s Tales,” feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension before the first tech rehearsal. Will it WORK? Will it be compelling in the ways we’ve hoped? Each tech rehearsal we’ve had has answered these questions in the affirmative and got us even more giddy for opening night. Now that we’ve done this a few times, I suspect that this will be the case again.

In the meantime, having facebook exchanges with Tim and Harry Scamper and Quinn Bowman is a blast and an unprecedented way to get acquainted! I now wish that our lovely Black Violet was on facebook — I would have had plenty of questions for her. Feel free to tweet or write on the walls of any of our leading men. Get on Harry’s case for his poor grammar (he’s a teacher for crying out loud!)! Chide Quinn for being surly! Find out what Tim’s favorite comic book is! They all seem to enjoy the repartee, and YOU can be a part of it!


To follow Tim, Harry, and Quinn on Facebook & Twitter, click here.  The pictures were taken during an “In Transit: #undercoverhero” rehearsal last week.  The top picture features Melissa, Matt, Herine, and Adam rehearsing John Cage’s “Living Room Music.”  The bottom picture features Melissa, Adam, Herine, and Jenny rehearsing John Elmquist’s “Junk Shot.”  Also featured in this concert but not pictured are Karl & Crystal.

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