“Spiders in my Sleeping Bag”

Tell us about a time when you saw a spider and/or a spider web. What did you like or what didn’t you like about seeing them? How do you feel about spiders and their webs in general?


“Ok, you’re up. Alright, so, I can remember a time when I was camping and I was a kid. I was probably about your guy’s age, maybe about 7, 11, probably about… Ok. So, I was camping and I got in my sleeping bag, and I felt, like, a lot of spider leg…legs running all up my legs, and, I jumped out of my sleeping bag and my tent screaming, and my parents thought I must have seen, like, a snake or a grizzly bear or something must have bitten me, and it was like…we looked in my sleeping bag, and there were like five of those creepy daddy long legs in there, you know those with the really long legs and they’re totally harmless, but they’re so creepy and they were all in my sleeping bag, and I still to this day remember that. I don’t think I could get back into my sleeping bag ever.  I read somewhere on average you eat a certain amount of bugs…oh, I don’t know, over 100 bugs in a lifetime.”

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