The Augmented Fifth – 1/28/2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I bet you thought we forgot about you. WRONG!

It has been a scrum-didly-uptious week here at Fifth House! So much so, that we put a bunch of the women on a plane and sent them to another state. That’ll teach them to eat my breakfast when I’m not looking…

We’ve had a bunch of great experiences at Eastman this week and are looking forward to continuing our traveling antics this week in Jackson Hole at the Grand Teton Music Festival!

If you need anything, Eric and I will be here waiting for everyone to come back. Oh god, the loneliness is real…



Reed Trio

Wednesday, January 31
7:00 PM
National Museum of Wildlife Art


Adults: $25
Students: Free




30 minutes prior to the performance

Americana Trio

Friday, February 2
7:00 PM
National Museum of Wildlife Art


Adults: $25
Students: Free




30 minutes prior to the performance


After literal months of planning, we finally had a video game and be stupid night at Dan’s house. The game of the night ended up being Toby Fox’s “don’t be a murderer” hit, Undertale. While Dan and I literally foamed at the mouth getting to talk about all of the hidden secrets and creepy storylines, Eric and Deuce enjoyed some of the awesome soundtrack.

Thanks for letting us geek out. As a consolation prize, here is one of the game’s tracks reimagined as a klezmer jam session. Whether you enjoy video games or not, this will surely tickle your funny bone. (BONE JOKEZ)


TOP 10

  1. Dan, Deuce, and Parker managed a successful Skype session after a night of stupid. If that’s not #1, I don’t know what is.

  2. Chopin Public School pulled a rabbit out of their hat last Tuesday. And by a rabbit, I mean two educational shows without any prep. Thanks for making it happen!

  3. Plane rides. Who doesn’t love those amirite?

  4. I presume everything at Eastman went smoothly. No one tells me anything anymore.

  5. But actually, turns out a future intern was in one of the classes we spoke at. *Cue Disney music about the third planet from the Sun being rather minuscule when reexamined at a close distance”.

  6. Eric and Parker publically spoke at Northwestern. We’ll be back this Tuesday to put our audience in the center of our stage.

  7. Deuce drank Zima. That’s actually not a joke.

  8. Melissa may or may not have asked the airline pilot if she could fly the plane, the hotel staff if she could check into her own room, and the chef at the restaurant if she could make her own meal. #traveltrends #nevergetsold

  9. Parker taught the cashier at Portillo’s what “the works” means when referring to a Chicago style hot dog.

  10. Jessica and Danny exist. Maybe some more news on those two next week.



Violin, Cello

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon

and Piano too



I found myself looking at a styrofoam box I had brought some leftovers in this week and I noticed on the bottom that it was labeled “6”. Thanks to Deuce, I now know that “6” when it comes to recycling in Chicago may as well be “666” because it is the literal incarnation of evil.

In honor of my new found knowledge in recycling, here is a video of someone almost as cool as Deuce.



Eyelids not making noise while blinking or winking is widely unappreciated. 



This one is close to, if not at the top of, my favorite things ever posted on this blog.



So good, they got Thaied up twice and Melissa ate hers at midnight. What a day.



I said send me a nice picture for the blog and this is what I get. Thanks guys



Charlene Kluegel

Thanks for actually responding to my emails even though you’re on tour!


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