The Most Beautiful Places in Putnam County

On Fifth House Ensemble’s first visit to DePauw University in September of 2013, the ensemble participated in a handful of pop-up performances in the area.  During these performances, members of 5HE and DePauw talked to tons of community members, and they handed each person they spoke with a card asking what they thought was the most beautiful place in Putnam County.  We really enjoyed collecting these cards, and we hope to visit many of these places on our upcoming trips to the area.  Below is a comprehensive list of the locations collected on our Harvest cards. 

“So many places: looking out of the reflection center during yoga towards the quarry and through the trees.  It looks like the lake shore in Wisconsin.”

“Looking from the country club golf course on one of the many hills back into Greencastle and seeing the courthouse dome & steeple of North College.”

“The covered bridge just past Boone Hutch Cemetery.”

“The view of DePauw’s East College from the University’s Anderson St. entrance.”

“Fern Cliff and Cataract Falls”

“The bridge over Jackson St. on the way to Cloverdale.”

“The quarry and park near the covered bridges.”

“The nature park at the overlook where you can see the whole park. I always jog to that spot.”

“The new DePauw entrance looking at East College.”

“DePauw University”

“The view from the meditation/reflection center at the DePauw nature center at sunset.”

“The most beautiful place in Putnam County is the living room of Dr. and Mrs. Nafhat Nasr. This is a place where people can travel the universe, transcend time, connect to the Divine, and give and recieve healing.”

“The diversity of people and the many beautiful places to gather and share stories and time together. Whether it’s at the Farmers’ Market, my deck (with a glass of wine) looking at the roses and day lilies, the south farm pond during the annual summer ladies’ get together with church groups, church softball games, the county fair, the Swizzle Stick bar, jazz at the Duck, annual Crown Street/Jazz Festival, Starbucks, and many more. The Green Performing arts center with its unbelieveable variety of mucical and theatre events. Professional musicians and the very talented DePauw musicians. After growing up on a farm in a totally farming community and then moving around a lot, now 15 years here. Relay for Life. Clubs. The “Harvest” of Community and acceptance.”

“Watching the setting sun by the Dunbar Covered Bridge with the countryside in the background.”

“The DePauw Nature Park! Cataract Falls!”

“Jerry Bates’ farm in Coverdale – 4 generations of farming.”

The view looking out from Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery is incredible! But there are a lot of close seconds too.”

“Bellwether Farm – the barns, streams, and the rock outcroppnings add to the beauty of the forest.”

“The Nature Park at DePauw is an incredible place for reflection and thought.”

“Bittersweet Tree Farm and the historic log cabin.”

“Any spot along Big Walnut Creek when you can get down to the water’s edge, find just the right rock, and try your best to skip it to the opposite side!”

“Robe-Ann Park, sitting next to the yarn covered tree, listening to music with the lovely people of Greencastle.”

“Red Barn Farms”

“The countryside”

“The most beautiful place in the county is watching my kids play at Thomas Lake. They boat, fish, swim, and practice being carefree little ones, with a beautiful lake backdrop.”

“Putnam County is a surprise because there are so many beautiful places. But my favorite by far is Fern Cliff, a nature conservatory site.”

“The nature park and Prindle Institute”

“The view from my front porch: corn and hay fields.”

“The drive out West Walnut Road in the fall every year!”

“Clinton Falls – a beautiful intersection of water and rock.”

“Wade Hazel and Tavia Pigg’s Flying Pig Butterfly farm!”

“Bakers Camp covered bridge near Cainbridge, Pine Bluff covered bridge in Old Growth Forest, and Rolling Home covered bridge.”